Private Tutoring for HSC

Private HSC tutoring is an additional option which is available to students of secondary education in Australia who want to excel in their studies. The HSC in maths and English is one of the required subjects in all courses that involve basic literacy and numeracy.

This kind of private tutoring is available for students studying at primary or high school. It also provides support to the learning process during subjects like Maths and English. Private tutoring of a higher standard of teaching can be selected depending on the need of the student.

Students in secondary school have the option of taking up studies at post-graduate level through the HSC, instead of full time studies. The post-graduate course will be a formal qualification that will last for two years. The course prepares students for university courses and help them gain a position in a suitable post. The prerequisites for this type of study include a Grade 10/11 results, a final grade of C or better in the final year and a Pass mark in Year 4.

If the student has done well at Year 9 or 12, but the desired higher qualification is not attained, then he/she can still enroll for HSC. Students with only an Intermediate pass and no top grades in Year 12 will not be eligible for HSC. For the study of the Higher Certificate in Secondary Education (HECS), a student will need to have passed all subjects including HSC.

The training is usually conducted in Australia and is taught through correspondence or directly to students in a classroom setting. Before taking up private tutoring, students need to discuss the need with their schools as there may be requirements on how the course is conducted.

The HSC involves two subjects: Maths and English. A student will study math and English separately.

Many students who wish to study HSC and do not attend a regular school may be looking for a way to gain extra help. If these students have plans to attend university, they may take up an online HSC program so that they can pursue their studies as they would if they attended regular classes.

If students are planning to take up an HSC online program, it is very important to meet the demands of the curriculum. The HSC has clear goals that must be met. If students have not been formally enrolled for the HSC and only have passing grades in Maths and English, they need to take time and plan carefully.