How to set up an RTO in Australia

If you are going to be using remote control trucks for any type of transportation, whether it is personal or business, you need to have a dealer’s permit in order to legally operate those vehicles on the public roads. Some people are so protective of their rights and feel that they must register every vehicle they get, but that is not necessary. For a small investment, you can protect yourself and others by getting your dealer’s registration certificate while it is still available.

There are some important things to know about RTO registration and how it affects your motor vehicles in India. For example, even though many countries do not require you to have a dealer’s permit before driving on the public roads, most states do, and they do so under the threat of serious penalties. If you are from an unstable country, or if you have a poor driving record, you may find that it is difficult to get an RTO registration certificate and that the process of registering will take a long time. In India, if you registered a vehicle without a dealer’s permit, you may be required to pay a heavy fine and/or jail time, and you may also have to provide proof of liability insurance.

The RTO registration process itself is very simple, and there is generally no penalty for having an RTO registration. What you do need to do is show proof of ownership of the vehicle you wish to register. You can do this by presenting your vehicle registration number (VIN) to the DMV along with a copy of your liability insurance policy. The registration fee for your first two vehicles will be waived by the government if you prove ownership by producing a copy of your ownership certificate, and proof of vehicle identification.